About Us

We are Presidential Group South, and We Provide Presidential Service Every Step of the Way 

Here at Presidential Group South, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support to our clients.  We are a family-owned and operated property management group in Central Florida and, ever since our establishment in 1985, we have been setting the standard for homeowner and investor property management.  Our licensed property managers are the most experienced and professional property managers in the business, and their consistent daily goal is customer satisfaction.

What do we at Presidential Group South offer that makes us an exemplar Central Florida property management company?  We are the Central Florida property managers who are genuine when it comes to putting the clients’ needs first.  Any property manager will say that you are their priority, but many of their practices and strategies appear to prove otherwise.  For instance, does your property manager give you the final say on the selection of your tenants?  Does your property manager allow you to have the final say on your rental price?

Our property managers don’t just listen to your input—they apply it.

When you work with Presidential Group South, you aren’t likely to feel as restricted by and excluded from your property management.  You will have the benefit of an open line of communication with your property manager, and with our property management group.  You will be kept informed and will be consulted, when it comes to selecting tenants and prices, and you will have the final say.  This is important to those who want to be more involved, as property owners.  Your decisions and opinions will be respected and honored, by our Central Florida property management group, as our primary concern is customer service.

Such consideration and flexibility is part of our company policy, and an added benefit of selecting Presidential Group South for your Central Florida realty and property management.  You, the owner, have more control over the management of your properties than you would have with many other companies.  Rather than agreeing to the terms that your property manager demands, you can tailor our Central Florida property management services to your preferences.  If you have special requests, our property managers will strive to meet your needs.

Property management is a cinch, for our expert team.

How are we capable of such personalized and attentive service?  Our team brings over 50 years of management experience to bat, and with experience comes accuracy.  We aren’t afraid to adapt to the preferences of our clients because our team is skilled and proficient, and can face any challenge without breaking a sweat.  What matters most, to our property managers, is delivering the best customer service in Central Florida.

When you have such a great team behind you, it is easy to deliver the best property management in Central Florida.  Besides having an expert staff of property managers, Presidential Group South features a full-service accounting department, for accurate financial accounting and record keeping.  With our company, you will receive your checks on-time, and you will be regularly updated as to your property finances.  We also feature a full-service maintenance department, and we work diligently, in our aim to bring our clients 24 hour maintenance resolution.

Expect nothing less than Presidential service, from Presidential Group South.  We are the property management company with the strongest communication, the greatest flexibility, and the most qualified and expert property managers.  We have a thorough understanding of the current market and the market’s behavior over the past few decades.  Our team will help you to get the best price, for your properties, as well as the best tenants.  Call us, at (407) 901-6407, to start your relationship with a model property management group.